Goat Movie Trailer Release Date Star Cast Story

Check out HD still images from the upcoming movie Goat schedule to release on 23 September 2016. Recently the uncensored trailer of the film arrived and it was bold hot sexy and raw. On 6th September 2016 the trailer was official release by Movieclip trailer on there official YouTube channel.


This is a story of collages going students, who are involved in raging with lower grade students. The raging turned into raw and torture with in the academy. How those students thing and what all happen with them is all about in the movie.

The film is directed by Andrew Neel and produced by James Franco, David Hinojosa, Vince Jolivette and Christine Vachon. Film features Nick Jonas, Ben Schnnetzer, Gus Halper, Jake Picking and James Dranco.

All the distribution rights of the movie is taken up by The Film Arcade and Paramount Pictures. The screenplay of the movie is narrated by David Gordon Green, Andrew Neel and Mike Roberts. Check the official uncensored trailer on YouTube.

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