Photocopy Marathi Audience Review and Critic Rating – Synopsis

Photocopy Marathi is a newly release movie and audience is very excited for the movie.  This Marathi movies was one of the most awaited comedy movie of the year. Audience is very excited and the flick is getting positive mixed review about the movie. Critic have rated the movie 7 out of 10 overall.


The film release on the critic week, as many movies is schedule to release on this week. The movie feature Vandana Gupta, Parna Pethe and Chetan Chitnis. All the actor have performed very well and audience enjoyed the performance.


This is a story of two twins who fall in love with a boy. This bout be with both of them as a friend. He get to know letter about all this. Both the girls try to impress the boy and all this happen in cray environment.


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