Premam Telugu HD Trailer Movie Stills Madonna Sebastian Images

Check out HD wallpapers stills from the upcoming Telugu movie Preman. Along with movie stills check images of Madonna Sebastian as well. The trailer of the film was officially revealed by the makers on 20th September 2016 under the label of Sithara Entertainments. The cast of the movie have shared the trailer on the official social media accounts.


The Original dint have a Trailer.. But here is the One cut by My buddy Dir Chandoo who has done a great job #Premam
— Nikhil Siddhartha (@actor_Nikhil) September 21, 2016

This latest movie is directed by Chandoo Mondeti along with the narration of screenplay. Chaitanya Krishna, Praveen, Josh Ravi, Brahmaji, Narra Srinu, Jeeva, Eldhose Sunny, Vinay Vijayan and Avantika Vandanapu in a leading roles.

The film is produced by S.Naga Vamshi, P.D.V Prasad and Sitara Entertainments.

Premam Telugu Trailer

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