Tiger Punjabi Movie Critic Review and Audience Response

Here is the first day response of audience for the latest release Punjabi movie Tiger. The film got release on 9th September 2016 under the banner of Sippy Gill Productions. The film is getting positive mixed response by critic and audience.


The film got low screen count due to big release this week. There are two Bollywood releases this week Baar Baar Dekho and Freaky Ali. As per audience it is a good story and action in the movie is better the old punjabi movie.

The singer actor Sippy Gill has lot of fan followings which will surly go and watch the movie. Audience is appreciating the work and sending there review on social media as well. This will promote the movie definitely. Film features Sippy Gill and Ihana Dhillon in lead role. Other the lead film feature Yashpal Sharma and Yograj Singh.

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